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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition Premium, .450 BUSHMASTER, 65 Rounds, MIXED SECONDS BUCKET

Product Code : 65



To see our ammo in action, please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

Manufacturer Description:

As you can imagine, if you make enough ammo sooner or later you will have these!

Our seconds are made up of rounds with cosmetic issues like primer dings, dents, scrapes and scratches on the brass. Some rounds may also be at the top of our spec range.

These rounds are guaranteed 100% to fire and function. If they don't, let us know and return those ones that don't and replace them with brand new ammo. 

We do not recommend seconds for brand new rifles due to issues with "tight" chambers on new or unpolished barrels. For new rifles, we recommend our regular spec rounds.

So what comes with my order?

1. One sealed Mini Bucket.

2. Cosmetic Seconds made up of a mix of our rounds.

    Determined at checkout.