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Black Butterfly Ammunition, Premium, .458 SOCOM, 600 gr, SUBSONIC "D600 Colossus"


Type:  Premium
Casing:  Starline Brass
Condition:  New
Velocity:  1000 AMV FPS


This round is intended for subsonic close range big game animals such as deer, hogs, bears and self defense applications.

Here are some pix of these enormous slugs taken out of ballistic gel. This happened when a round hit another round stuck in the gel. 

Colossus Impact

This round is intended for all subsonic applications, self defense and Hog Hunting.

This round is an exclusive Black Butterfly Ammunition product developed in conjunction with Hawk Bullets. This bullet was made to function at subsonic speeds in an AR15 style rifle and feed from a standard GI 5.56 Mag with a 1/2 moon cut out of the front lip. However, best feed results have been obtained with a standard 5.56 Lancer Mag. We highly recommend that you do not fill this to magazine to capacity due to the enormous weight of this projectile. This can also be used in a bolt action. This projectile has a "softened" lead tip to start expansion, but really shines when it makes contact with someone hard like a hog shoulder. This round is recommend for close range shooting due to the tremendous weight.

If you are going to be using this with a suppressor, please follow manufacturer safety guidelines like test firing 3 rounds at 25 feet to confirm you specific barrel can stabilize this round. 

Components and Packaging

  • New Starline Brass
  • CCI Primers
  • Exclusive Black Butterfly Ammunition Hawk Bullets 600 grain JSP
  • Premium Propellant
  • Ammunition comes packaged in a hard plastic clear Berry Box

To see our ammo in action, please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

If you want to see more videos featuring this huge projectile action, check out our YouTube page by “CLICKING HERE!“