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About Us

Our Company

Elegant Designs for Wicked Destruction

Black Butterfly Ammunition, LLC was created to meet the needs of the discerning, specialty shooters who prefer quality over mass-produced, cheaper than dirt, factory ammunition. Our main company goal is to produce an excellent product that will operate efficiently and effectively in your firearm. The company was started by two gun loving shooting enthusiast brothers from Western New York who still own, actively load and run Black Butterfly Ammunition from day to day. You can find them most days in the woods hunting or at the shop testing or loading loading some new wicked designs. 

Our Products

Each round produced by Black Butterfly Ammunition is hand-manufactured and individually inspected by a loading expert, to insure we produce the finest quality ammunition available. This includes visual inspections and appropriate case gauge testing of each round produced. In addition, we randomly sample and shoot our production loads at our onsite range on a regular basis; this way we can ensure it will meet our stringent requirements, and will function properly in your firearm. Our loading and manufacturing expertise comes from years of hands on manufacturing and production with industry leaders, such as, Colt Manufacturing Company, Kahr Arms, and aerospace and defense giant, Esign-Bickford.

Our Commitment

Black Butterfly Ammunition company warrants the original consumer purchase for 1 year from the date of purchase. At our discretion, we will replace or refund the original purchase price, provided a proper proof of purchase is submitted; this will be free of charge, except for any shipping charges that might be incurred by the customer to return their product to our facility. Of course, this warranty ddoes not cover product abuse such as neglect, reloading, or any other issues caused by improper handling.

Where to find us?

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