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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition EEZOX® Premium Ultimate Gun Care (FREE SHIPPING)

Product Code : 094383200201


Mfg Item #: EEZOX

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Engineered Dry Lubricant

Strong Rust Preventative • Superb Finish


EEZOX® CLP+ eclipses every oil-based product. No other product cleans this well, PERIOD.  EEZOX® removes what all the other CLP's leave behind!  EEZOX® also provides its unique, penetrating dry lubrication and barrier for corrosion prevention!  Prevents dust accumulation and fingerprinting. The PLUS+ in EEZOX® gives your weapon a superb finish!  JUST EEZOX® IT!

The chemical make-up of Eezox® functions as a solvent, lubricant, and rust preventative, meaning that you only need Eezox® and nothing else. No other solvents to clean any part of your weapon, no other lubricants for the moving parts, and no other rust protectors for the metal surfaces. Eezox® is an all-in-one product and allows you to replace everything else in your gun cleaning kit.

Totally effective from 450F to -95F. Synthetic Eezox® Premium Gun Care is composed of three major synthetic components that make your gun maintenance fast, simple, and efficient. Eezox® brings these three components together into a high density solution. As the solvent portion evaporates, a thin, strong molecular structure of Eezox® lubricant remains on the metal surfaces, This protective dry coating remains on the firearm while in use or in storage - at all times.

Under the most adverse conditions imaginable, Eezox® proved itself to the Allied Forces involved with "Operation Desert Storm" in the Gulf War. In addition, The American Standard for Tests and Measurements (ASTM) B117 - 5% Salt Spray Fog Test is the de facto standard for testing a product's rust inhibiting properties. After 96 to 120 hours of testing, Eezox® scored an "Excellent", the highest rating given. Even more remarkable, after 136 hours, Eezox® scored a "Good" rating, outperforming all distillate based gun oils and other rust inhibitors available.


  1. CLEANING: Using only Eezox®, clean all parts of your firearm, including bore and barrel, actions, mechanisms, metal surfaces, and parts. Make sure all residual solvents, greases, waxes, and Teflon coatings from previous cleaning are removed at this time. It is not necessary to follow this cleaning with other products. 
  2. LUBRICATING: When the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light coat of Eezox® to all parts and allow to dry. This may take several hours on new applications. If too much Eezox® has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth, being careful to leave only a light coating.
  3. PROTECTING: Once the last application of Eezox® has dried, your firearm is ready for use or storage. Although dry, Eezox® continues to protect, both in use and in storage

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