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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition Premium, .458 SOCOM, 300 gr, 20 Rounds, CTX Migration Lead Free Frangible, No. 1 Standard Velocity Tac-Pac(Limit 3 Boxes)

Product Code : 20


Mfg Item #: BBA-458-300-T-CTX-No1-20-TP-A-07

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To see our ammo in action, please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

Manufacturer Description:

Black Butterfly Ammunition Product Testing videos

We offer this projectile in a high velocity load and the standard velocity load you see pictured here and we also sell the projectiles for reloading.

This is NEW ammunition.

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About Us

Our main company goal is to produce an excellent product that will operate efficiently and effectively in your firearm.

The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company was created to meet the needs of the discerning specialty shooters who prefer quality over cheaper than dirt, mass produced, factory ammunition.

Each round produced by The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company is hand manufactured and individually inspected by a loading expert to insure that we produce the finest quality ammunition available. This includes visual inspections and appropriate case gauge testing of each round produced. In addition, we randomly sample and shoot our production loads at our onsite range, this way we can ensure it will meet our stringent requirements and will function properly in your firearm.

Our loading and manufacturing expertise comes from years of hands on manufacturing and production experience with industry leaders like Colt Manufacturing Company, Kahr Arms and aerospace and defense giant, Esign-Bickford.

The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company warrants the original consumer purchase for 1 year from the date of purchase. At our discretion, we will replace or refund the original purchase price provided a proper proof of purchase is submitted. Our warranty will be free of charge except for any shipping charges that might be incurred by the customer to return their product to our facility. Of course, this warranty does not cover product abuse such as neglect, reloading, and or any other issues caused by improper handling.


The Black Butterfly Lead Free Frangible CTX Migration No1.

This round was created for target and or close quarters training applications. Due to the fact the projectile is lead free, it can also be used in lead free ranges and in states like California that are gradually phasing out lead projectiles.

This monsterous projectile was designed to give the shooter the maximum OAL possible which we feel dramatically increases its accuracy. The shape of this projectile also insures it will feed properly from any standard GI mag on the market.

Like the TSX High and Low Velocity, we offer this projectile in two completely different loads. The first load (No1) is a lower velocity load running at 1675 FPS and is intended for frangible round and or training applications and low velocity target shooting. The second load (No2) runs approximately 200 FPS faster at 1850 FPS and is intended for target and plinking applications.

This is an exclusive product manufactured by CTX to Black Butterfly Ammunition’s specifications.

This projectile is also offered to the public for reloading exclusively through Black Butterfly Ammo.

We recommend this round for target and plinking applications.

    • Rounds: 20
    • BlackButterfly Lead Free Frangible CTX Migration
    • Average Muzzle Velocity: 1675
    • This product comes packaged in the clear Tac-Pac box.
    • This product will only function in GI Mags and Lancer Mags due to the OAL.
    • This product has been tested in SBR, ROCK RIVER ARMS and TROMIX .458 SOCOM UPPERS using approved reamers.
  • This product has been individually case gauge tested using L.E. Wilson case gauges to guarantee a proper fit.

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