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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition Sugar and Spice, Remanufactured, .300 AAC Blackout, 220 gr, 100 Rounds, Hi-Tek "CANNON BALL" Mini-Bucket **LIMIT 1 Bucket**

Product Code : 100


Mfg Item #: BBA-300-220-T-SUB-CANNONBALL-SS-11

Add some Sugar to your Spice this hunting season!!! Grab a set of our local Black Butterfly Honey AND a Black Bucket of your favorite Ammo!

Black Butterfly Ammunition Product Testing videos



About Us

Our main company goal is to produce an excellent product that will operate efficiently and effectively in your firearm.

The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company was created to meet the needs of the discerning specialty shooters who prefer quality over cheaper than dirt, mass produced, factory ammunition.

Each round produced by The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company is hand manufactured and individually inspected by a loading expert to insure that we produce the finest quality ammunition available. This includes visual inspections and appropriate case gauge testing of each round produced. In addition, we randomly sample and shoot our production loads at our onsite range, this way we can ensure it will meet our stringent requirements and will function properly in your firearm.

The Black Butterfly Ammunition Company warrants the original consumer purchase for 1 year from the date of purchase. At our discretion, we will replace or refund the original purchase price provided a proper proof of purchase is submitted. Our warranty will be free of charge except for any shipping charges that might be incurred by the customer to return their product to our facility. Of course, this warranty does not cover product abuse such as neglect, reloading, and or any other issues caused by improper handling.


This round is intended for subsonic, training, target and plinking applications.

  • Remanufactured Military Once Fired Brass made for us by Top Brass. 
  • 220 gr, Steel Valley Casting Hi-Tek coated Bullet
  • Average Muzzle Velocity: 1050
  • This product comes packaged loose in a plastic quart bucket.
  • This product has been tested in a 2017 16" Anderson Manufacturing (Pistol Length Gas System) Rifle

More about Top Brass:

Top Brass purchases once-fired military brass from the Department of Defense and performs every step necessary to bring it back to ideal reloading condition. In addition to reconditioning various calibers of shell casings, Top Brass also provides new brass in a variety of calibers both mil-spec and commercial, as well as bullets and projectiles both new and military surplus for most calibers.

In addition to the reloading products above, we provide high-quality injection-molded plastic trays and cardboard packaging to match, providing safe, convenient and flexible storage options for a wide variety of popular calibers.

We aim to provide a high level of customer service and provide the best product money can buy in all our new and reconditioned products. With stringent inspection processes at every step, it is our goal to ensure we provide the tightest tolerances and most consistent product possible with once-fired brass, no matter the caliber. Our strict quality controls ensure you get only the highest quality product so you can buy with confidence.

Top Brass is your one-stop shop for almost all your reloading needs.

Learn more about our Proprietary Brass Cartridge ReSpec Process

About our honey:

Black Butterfly Ammunition has partnered with The Carolina Honey Been Company to assist us in production, processing and managing our honeybee apiary. In 2020, following our owner's near-death experience with Covid, Nick decided to get back into bee keeping. Nick grew up with bees while living in Western New York and bee keeping was something he always wanted to get back into. Like with all things in life, Nick couldn't find the time to do this. After surviving Covid, he decided it was time to pull the trigger and get back into beekeeping. Nick reached out to area industry expert The Carolina Honeybee Company and started a new South Carolina honeybee apiary from scratch. The original apiary consisted of two package beehives which quickly blossomed into a large hives with thousands of happy bees! Today, Nick spends his days loading, shooting and checking on his apiary to provide you with the most delicious South Carolina honey can offer. Our honey is produced and packaged in The Carolina Honeybee Company's state of the art, licensed and SC DHEC inspected facility here in South Carolina. Our honey is 100% natural from South Carolina!  

Certified South Carolina Grown Honey 

To be eligible to use the Certified South Carolina Grown logo, producers must supply a complete a list of all products they grow in South Carolina and wish to list as Certified SC Grown. All items that shall bear or potentially bear the logo, including those that may potentially be included in promotional efforts, should be included on the application for approval by the SCDA. New items must also be sent to the SCDA for approval so that member product listings can be updated.

In addition, member must agree that the SC Grown logo will only be used on first-quality products that are grown in South Carolina and meet the US #1 Quality Grade Standard, or higher U.S. Grade Standards – whichever is the accepted USDA industry grade standard for that commodity. The logo shall not be used on secondary labels or cull products.

About our partner:

The Carolina Honeybee Company

We are a family owned and operated business with deep roots here in the Western Carolinas. 
Beekeeping has been a part of our families for over 100 years. All of us are committed to providing the highest quality honey, beeswax-based skin care, bee gifts, and beekeeping supplies in South Carolina.

Our passion is to curate and harvest the finest quality premium honey. Our focus is on quality and producing the best tasting honey in the world. We are a Mann Lake Dealer offering beekeeping supplies and honeybees for sale for both the small and large beekeeper.

It is a well-known fact that the flowers, herbs and blossoms on which the honeybees feed on is a key contributing factor to the unique and complex flavors of honey.  Our honey is pure, unfiltered and never adulterated.

We also support and partner with local beekeepers throughout the region. What started as hobby has grown into a full-time business, with beehives scattered across the Upstate South Carolina and growing.

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