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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition APPROVED AMMO BACK ORDER

Product Code : BACK ORDER


Mfg Item #: BACK ORDER

Question:     I want to preorder/backorder ammo, and I don’t care how long it might take, how do I do that. 

Answer:       We will be happy in most cases to do this for you. We need you to email us first with the details of what you want purchase and once we verify it is a load that we will have in the fairly near future you can then use this item to make a $1 deposit, plus the $14.99 flat rate shipping. This way you are added to our shipping queue and we can manually create an order for you.

We will then bill your card on file the remainder of amount once all of the components have arrived on-site and are in production. If you choose to do this, please make the following pledge:

 “I will not call every-other day to find out when my special backorder is going to ship. I realize that Black Butterfly is excited to take my full payment as soon as humanly possible and will reach out to me when they as soon as they are running production on my backordered item.

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