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Black Butterfly Ammunition

Black Butterfly Ammunition Premium, .450 Bushmaster, 100 Rounds, CUSTOM BUILD SAMPLER "GO BOX" (For 1/20 Twists-or slower)

Product Code : 100


Mfg Item #: BBA-450-PREMIUM SAMPLER-1X100-1/20+ Twists


Manufacturer Description:

Build time is 7-10 days due to all the different rounds in this sampler. 

We can also change the rounds which will increase or decrease the cost based on your selections. 

For special order boxes, simply email us the list of your 100 rounds and we will be in touch with the pricing. 

This product includes one of the MTM Black Boxes shown above, a foam liner and 100 Rounds of Black Butterfly Ammunition to sample!

  • 10-160 Gr. Cutting Edge Bullets-Copper Raptor "Screamers"
  • 10-250 Gr. Maker Bullets "Tomahawk"
  • 10-240 Gr. CTX Lead Free Frangible "Smashers"
  • 10-200 Gr. GPM Qaudra Shock "Stingers"
  • 10-200 Gr. Lehigh Defense "Extreme Defense"
  • 10-300 Gr. Hornady XTP MAG
  • 10-250 Gr. Cutting Edge Maximus Fractura
  • 10-275 Gr. Barnes XPB
  • 10-275 Gr. Maker Bullets "Hex Saw"
  • 10-350 Gr Buzz Saw Subsonics  

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