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Black Butterfly Ammunition, Premium, .458 SOCOM, 400 gr, High Velocity “TURBO SAW”, Maker Bullet

Turbo Saw

Type: Premium
Casing: Starline Brass
Condition:  New
Velocity: 1515 AMV FPS


This round is intended for all self defense and close range hunting out to 150 yards due to the weight. 

Components and Packaging

  • New Starline Brass
  • CCI Primers
  • 400 Grain Maker Bullets Expander
  • Premium Propellant
  • Ammunition comes packaged in a hard plastic clear Berry Box

To see our ammo in action, please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

If you want to see this projectile smashing gel, check out our YouTube page by “CLICKING HERE!“