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Black Butterfly Ammunition, Premium, .458 SOCOM, 300 gr, Hornady JHP


Type:  Premium
Casing:  Starline Brass
Condition:  New
Velocity:  1800 AMV FPS


This round is recommended for target, hunting and or training purposes.

This round is intended for big game hunting and is probably our most popular round for deer hunting due to the fact it stays intact on impact.  It has a high velocity and the take down power to disable most North American Big Game animals. This round is extremely accurate and penetrates deep into its target while “mushrooming”.  This round will fully mushroom on impact which means the copper jacket will peel back, exposing the lead hollow point which allows the lead core to flatten


Components and Packaging

  • New Starline Brass
  • CCI Primers
  • 300 Grain Hornady JHP projectile
  • Premium Propellant
  • Ammunition comes packaged in a hard plastic clear Berry Box

To see our ammo in action, please click on the YouTube link below and enjoy!

If you want to see this projectile smashing gel, check out our YouTube page by “CLICKING HERE