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Black Butterfly Ammunition, Target, .500 S&W MAG, 350 gr, LOW VELOCITY PLINKER, Berry Plated Round Shoulder (700 FPS)

Type: Target
Casing: Brass
Condition:  New
Velocity: 700 AMV FPS



This round is intended for target, training and close range “plinking” applications.

This round was developed for folks who would like to take their revolver to the range and actually shoot it more than two or three times! This low velocity round is a pleasure and fun to shoot, won’t hurt your hand and is very accurate at close range. It allows the user to begin to develop the muscle memory needed to handle the higher velocity rounds and to learn the good habits needed for shooting this monstrous revolver at full power.

We consider this a “stage one” round when learning to shoot this revolver.

Components and Packaging

  • New Starline Brass
  • CCI Primers
  • Berry Plated Round Shoulder Projectile
  • Premium Propellant
  • Ammunition comes packaged in a hard plastic clear Berry Box