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Black Butterfly Ammunition, PREMIUM, .500 S&W MAG, 300 gr, HIGH VELOCITY SELF DEFENSE, "TURBO SAW" (1750 FPS)

Type: Premium
Casing: Brass
Condition: New
Velocity: 1750 AMV FPS



This round is intended for hunting and self defense applications.

This round is intended for close range hunting and self defense applications. 

This round was developed for folks who want the devastating power of the 500 Smith and Wesson and the .50 cal projectile in a fracturing projectile. This high velocity round is a pleasure to shoot due to it's light weight, has a medium recoil and is very accurate at medium range. Due to the fact this is a "low velocity expanding" round traveling at a high rate of speed, it immediately "blooms" on impact. Once it impacts, it rotates with such force, it typically will tear off a petal or two. In ballistic gel tests, this round penetrated through 20+" inches of gel fully expanded.

We consider this a "stage four" round when learning to shoot this revolver which means it is very powerful and not for beginners.

  • Hand Loaded 
  • This product has been tested in a Smith & Wesson Model S&W 500, 8.38 Stainless revolver.
  • Average Muzzle Velocity: 1750

Components and Packaging

  • 300 gr. Turbo Saw Maker Bullet
  • Premium Propellant
  • Ammunition comes packaged in a 20 round hard plastic clear Berry Box  with a foam insert.